Who’s Kelsey?

20604309_1506651199378711_8463546466121620844_nHey there! 👋🏼 I’m Kelsey.

Here is what I’m about:
Tacos 🌮
Champagne 🥂
Fitness 🏋🏼
Nutrition 🍎
Living life on your terms 🕊
Loving yourself to the fullest ❤️
Dropping excuses
Finding your lobster 🦀 #71616

My journey starts here: “Dad, how to I file bankruptcy? Can I even do that at 22?”

It was a serious question that I really wanted the answer to. I was walking down a road of shame, depression, misery, and debt. I was a broke reporter and in all reality, there wasn’t much room for growth. I was getting comfortable with the $500 paychecks every two weeks and while I could barely afford to eat, I was beginning to think that this is all I would EVER have.

21742874_10155004267583325_1007254549553083061_n.jpgJust when I needed it the most, an opportunity showed up in my newsfeed. It was scary, different, and at first- I thought it was a scam. I knew it would require hard work. But if I am being honest with you? I was more scared of staying the same and I had absolutely nothing to lose. So I spent the last $160 I had on a program and a shake that at the minimum, would help me feel good about myself again.

It started as a hobby. I promised myself I would give it one year. I knew you couldn’t build something in 3 weeks, 6 months, or 9. It has to be a year of WORK. Not coasting. So I showed up every day in some capacity.

Haters came, doubters filled my pages, people were mean to me, hurt my feelings, laughed at me, told me I was crazy. But I kept my head down and followed my gut instinct. I was placed here for a reason and I needed to follow through on my commitment. I loved the feeling of helping someone else. Results, business, whatever it was. I knew I found my calling and I needed to give this to as many people as possible. As time went on, the work continued, and the payoff followed.

Paychecks began to grow and before I knew it, after just THREE years in the business- I had given myself a 1240% monthly raise and it was still rising with no downward slope in sight.

20108130_10154820657648325_3442024302541955167_n.jpgTo be at home with my dogs and husband.
To travel freely.
To help women achieve their health and fitness goals.
To help my team go after their dreams.
To talk to like minded people.
To teach.
To love.
To give.
To live my passion. 

To this date, I have left my soul sucking job, I travel the world, achieved Elite status with my team, pushed into the top 90 of the company, helped my team leave part time jobs, paid for a wedding in full, doubled my first reporter salary, and that’s just the SMALLEST bit of it.


In the next 5 years, I’ll be a millionaire, not scared to bring a baby into this world due to finances, living in a gorgeous house, in the best shape of my life, top 10 in our company, and my team will be living their dream lives too. #itscalledvision

I help people just like you do this too. So if you’re wanting to get in shape or build a business like me, lets chat. 📲 Always here to help.



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