Kind Words

“Kelsey has been my motivation, teacher, kick in the butt when I need it and most of all an amazing friend who truly care and wants me to do great!” – Alicia Snyder

“She has kept me 100% accountable. She knows when I’m not putting in all the effort I could. She never makes me feel inadequate or that I can’t do it, she lets me work at my pace. If I fall off the wagon she’s there to help but let’s me figure out what I need to do to better myself. Plus she always has amazing recipes and workout tips to share!” -Lizzie Dessify

“My coach has helped me to stay motivated by having challenge groups to share recipe ideas and motivation.” -Betsy Sears

“My coach is honestly why I am here as a coach. I look at her and think, โ€œlook how many lives sheโ€™s impacted, and look how happy she is. I want that.โ€ I just talk to her and I feel so much love and support and its actually GENUINE. She is REAL and she is here to help me and I am so grateful.” -Rebecca Fugitt

“Beyond what I ever expected. As a coach I knew she would be there for me but I had no clue in just one month she would feel like a true friend who really cares about my success. She wants to see me reach my personal goals and is going to do everything she can to make sure that happens! It is an amazing feel to know I have someone behind me with every single step of the journey.” -Erika Maschino

“I’m in a leadership class in grad school and on our first day we were asked to write about some leaders we know and why we think they make good leaders and I ended up writing about you two. I’ve been a part of several different groups, from a sorority to other various college clubs to Beachbody, and the both of you have some of the best leadership skills I’ve ever seen. I appreciate how willing you are to share your knowledge with others, how you choose to be encouraging rather than strict, how to recognize others and push others to succeed. In class, we talk about how you can never motivate someone, but you can only create an environment where people feel motivated and I think you both have done that SO well and that obviously plays a huge role in why the both of you are so successful with this business. These are all things I mentioned in my little assignment and I just wanted to pass along the message. Keep doing what you’re doing because it’s definitely very motivating and it’s obviously working! I can only hope that I will be able to effectively lead a team in the future in the way you both have!” -Delani Williams (also referring to the leadership of my coach, Erika Maschino.