6/19: Lose a MAGICAL 5-15 pounds in 30 days!


Wouldn’t it be MAGICAL to look in the mirror a few weeks from now and see the summer body you’ve been wanting? ⚡️ I get it- there is no magic spell that can give you your dream bod that fast- but I am willing to BET, this group can. 👊🏼

I am OFFICIALLY taking enrollments for 20 NEW challengers- because on June 19. The magic begins.

A 30 day Harry Potter themed health and fitness group aiming toward getting you in the best shape of your life FAST– while having a TON of fun.

Here is how I have it set up.

20 NEW challengers will commit to themselves by investing in a year of Beachbody on Demand and their first month of Shakeology. In return, I’ll get you everything bundled into a low price ++ give you the experience of a lifetime.

Once you enroll, you will take a quiz to see which character you’re most like. The Sorting Hat will take that into consideration & a few days before the group begins– you’ll find out which house you fall into. Will you be Gryffindor? Maybe Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw? You’ll never know.

Each day will be themed with Harry Potter fonts, daily motivation, and on Tuesdays– well, that will be fun. We have a Triwizard Tournament where challengers will work with their house to complete various challenges for points. You’re responsible for logging at least 5 shakes and 5 workouts a week OR your house will have points deducted. Remember- this is about RESULTS. ⚡️And those points?! Those land ya prizes.

THE FIRST TEN NEW CUSTOMERS that enroll get a “Potions Packet” mailed to them with a card with top 5 tips to get through the challenge effectively than either a Shakeology flavor they don’t have, Energize or Hydrate packet.

Pre-Season kicks off June 12 which is a week dedicated to meal prep, planning, and getting you ready to roll.


APPLY HERE & I will get a DETAILED recommendation to you within 24 hours!

Memorial Day Weekend Survival Tips

download.jpegIT’S MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND– and I am writing this to you as I sit on a plane drinking coffee on my way to San Diego.

If you are anything like me, you’re probably thinking: “BRING ON THE BURGERS!” But if you’re also like me, you’re probably like– “CRAP! BURGERS! BUNS! CAKE! TEMPTATIONS!”

The biggest misconception about a health and fitness journey is that you have to be perfect. The reality of it? Perfect is boring as fuh—-ge.  You made this incredible commitment to yourself and to your journey. That was step one. Now we take it up a notch and learn how to live the healthy lifestyle without beating ourselves up if shit hits the fan and maybe we have two burgers instead of one. Or for heavens sake, there are NO WHOLE WHEAT BUNS. Guys, this lifestyle isn’t meant to be like that. If you view it that way, you’ll resent it and quit.

So here are some tips to keep you on track this weekend so you don’t blow your diet– but you have a BLAST.

1. DONT YOU DARE 😉 skip that workout. You may be traveling, you may have a million things to do– whatever. You have Beachbody on Demand. You can take it anywhere. Our workouts are 30 minutes long. You HAVE the time and guys, if you want to eat the cals– BURN EM FIRST. IF ANYTHING, don’t miss the workout!

2. Shakeology! Here is a red, white, and blue Shakeology recipe you can try this weekend. Have fun with it– and if you’re going to be eating some “not so good” foods, you will at least know you had the healthiest meal of the day.


3. Offer to bring something! You can prepare healthy menu options like chicken breasts and veggies (corn on the cob, squash, zucchini, and peppers). If you like hotdogs like me– I recommend you go chicken sausages or turkey dogs! If you want to bring a snack, I highly recommend these Shakeology Cookie Dough balls!


This American Flag Fruit & Cheese Tray is BADASS! 

4. Limit Alcohol ya’ll. Not because I don’t want you to drink– but because I don’t want you to make an ass out of yourself LOL. Don’t drink the entire weekend. Select one day to enjoy an adult beverage. Your body will thank you for it.

5. Drink Water! This weekend will be hot. Remember to drink plenty water to stay hydrated.

6. HAVE FUN. Remember, this isn’t about being perfect. It’s about doing your best.

Have a great weekend everyone! ❤

XOXO- Kelsey

UK: Welcome to Team Beachbody!

We are about to experience something extremely special. Since launching in 2007, Team Beachbody has grown to a network of 400,000+ Coaches helping people achieve their health and fitness goals.

We are excited to bring this opportunity to help others, while building your own independent business, to the UK.

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 11.53.29 AM.png

This business opportunity is NOT for everyone. But at the same time, when it lands in the hands of someone that appreciates what we do and why we do it and is not afraid of working hard – a shift happens.

I’m proof.
Team Simply BeYOUtiful is proof.

And now that our company is going international? Well, things are about to get A LOT more interesting. Our products will be going overseas, but guess what else? So is the business opportunity.

Why do you care?


For those of you in the UK– this is an opportunity for YOU to join our team. I am ready for our team to double in size– and can you imagine the ripple effect from that?

So lay it on me.
If you want to join a top 150 ranked team, earn an income working part time to help OTHERS, make fitness your biznaz, are POSITIVE (negative nellys outta here) and are willing to work to make your dreams come true, we need to chat.

APPLY HERE: http://bit.ly/ContactKelsey



Q: What products will the UK be able to take advantage of at launch time?

A: A select number of products will be available at launch however new products will be periodically introduced as the market matures. Below is the list of the products that will be available at launch.

  • Shakeology ®: Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate, Chocolate Vegan
  • Beachbody Performance ®: Energize, Chocolate Recover
  • Beachbody On Demand ®All Access: Challenge Packs and Stand-Alone
  • DVD Challenge Packs: A selection of top-selling Challenge Packs
  • Fitness DVDs: A selection of the most popular fitness brands
  • Gear/Accessories:A selection of popular items

Q: What are the prices?

A: A detailed price list including all products will be released closer to launch.


A SHIFT in your FITNESS: Coming July 2017

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 2.19.35 PM.pngAre you ready to shift your body into the next level of fitness?
YA’LL, you’ve come to the right place.

In less than two months, a brand new program is being released so now is the time to get YOU informed.

Designed by Beachbody’s newest Super Trainer, Chris Downing, you will feel inspired, empowered and motivated to finally make the shift and reinvent yourself into a stronger and healthier YOU.

The Shift Shop is a 3-week rapid rebuild program designed to give you results through a variety of cardio and strength training workouts.

WEEK 1: Using his cutting-edge ramp effect, Chris starts you off with shorter workouts to help you stay focused and committed—without burning you out.

WEEK 2: Just as your body adapts, Chris ups the level of activity and intensity just enough to continue to accelerate your endurance and your results.

WEEK 3: Chris cranks up everything for the last time, ultimately shifting your body from the one you had 3 weeks ago to one that’s significantly faster, stronger, and leaner.

Because the program is just 3 weeks, you can easily fit it into your schedule. This is your shift. The one you’ve been talking about. You can do this.

After completing the Shift Shop, you’ll be able to conquer anything you want. Who doesn’t want that?

CLICK HERE to be the FIRST to know when Shift Shop is available & to be added to a FREE group which includes testimonials from coaches in the test group, facts about the program, the nutrition side of things, Shakeology, the Performance Line– and so much more.



YA’LL. shaun-t.png

The announcement has been made. If you’re a Shaun T fan, if ya like intensity, if  ya LOVE results- then you are probably SO ready for this. Because our man is BACK & is coming in strong with 7 new workouts.

This morning on his Facebook page, he revealed “Shaun Week”. 7 New workouts that will be released EXCLUSIVELY to Beachbody on Demand members beginning on June 12. Yes! There will be a modifier! 

Check this out…

  • Insane Basics
  • Pure Cardio Part 2
  • Insane Weights
  • 25 Abs
  • Ripped Sanity
  • Speed 4.0
  • Dig Deep

The way it was explained was that from June 12-18, one of the workouts listed above will be unlocked every single day. PERKS of being a Beachbody on Demand All Access Member, huh?

Well I decided to have some fun with this. Instead of just diving right into Shaun Week, we have the opportunity to get prepared NOW. Because it WILL NOT be easy. So, I have created a 3 week calendar for those wanting to jump in so that they can get ready to roll on June 12.

NEXT WEEK, I will be hosting a FREE INFO group, giving new customers information on this new week of workouts, sharing about his other incredible programs, giving you the low down on Shakeology, meal planning, etc.

If you enjoy the information & you commit to a year– you’ll get invited to our “Countdown to Shaun Week Transformational Group” right here on Facebook.

THIS CALENDAR, will be unlocked and you’ll be going ALL IN.

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 2.05.56 PM

We call it a TRANSFORMATIONAL GROUP because we know if you go ALL IN– you’ll get a full blown life transformation in 30 days. Mentally and physically.

So if you’re ready to dive in with us, join this event to learn more.

ENROLL any time for our All Access Challenge Pack here.  You get an ENTIRE year of more than 800+ workouts, all of the new programs being released this year, your first month of Shakeology at an insanely low price, and more.  (This comes out to like $2 a day). I’m willing to bet your gym charges you more than that for the same boring crap every day. LOL.

JOIN US. Lets do this thing!


Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 8.05.51 PM


OFFICIALLY taking enrollments for my newest accountability group– SURVIVOR OF THE FITNESS!

On May 15, I am kicking off a SURVIVOR themed accountability group focused on health, fitness, nutrition, happiness, and making lifelong friends. Each day is themed by character, I have pulled countless amount of memes to make ya laugh, and so much more.


MONDAY: Motivation Monday
TUESDAY: Tribal Challenge Tuesday (Challenges you will do to earn points with your team & get to know each other better. This includes BINGO, Who Did it Better Pics, Concocting Recipes, & more!)
WEDNESDAY: Work on YOU Wednesday
THURSDAY: Thankful Thursday
FRIDAY: Fit Challenge Friday (Plank Challenges, Wall Sit Timers, Ab Challenges, ETC!)
SATURDAY: ShakeO Saturday
SUNDAY: Show off Sunday

Oh and that’s not it.
We are going to be competing for prizes BIG time in this one. Challengers will be divided into Tribes– and will give themselves a tribal name and will compete for prizes.

GUYS THIS WILL BE COMPETITIVE– BUT SO FUN. You get points with the weekly challenges, logging your workouts, SHOWING UP, and having fun. PLUS- the person with the highest points per team that week gets IMMUNITY & can choose to STAY on their team or swap with someone from another Tribe! You also LOSE points for lack of consistency 😉 SO if you were looking for something to keep ya motivated– THIS. IS. IT.

THE FIRST TEN NEW CUSTOMERS that enroll get a “Survival Kit” mailed to them with a card with top 5 tips to get through the challenge effectively than either a Shakeology flavor they don’t have, or Energize or Hydrate packet, & a bandana that matches their team COLOR!

Pre-Season kicks off May 8 which is a week dedicated to meal prep, planning, and getting you ready to roll.

Drop your email below or apply here if this is up your ally 👊🏼 I’ll be in contact: https://goo.gl/forms/5U6K8GZHLisN2F7W2

FREE: Bye Bye Bloat Group



How many of us have come back from vacation or just were off on our eating over the weekend and LITERALLY were 5 pounds heavier? We beat ourselves up, cry about it, attempt to throw the scale through the window, and then proceed to walk to the freezer to eat ice-cream– because why the hell not, ya know?

The most common question I get from a lot of my customers is: “Is there some sort of detox I can try to get back on track?” And here is my honest answer. Yep. There are tons. Liquid diets, calorie depleting diets, blah- blah. But that shit ain’t good for you.

You can get rid of the dreaded bloat as fast as you got it– JUST by (wait for it)– eating healthy and working out.

So after coming back from Los Angeles 4 pounds over my normal weight- I didn’t panic. Instead, I decided to create THIS. This exact meal plan & workout routine that I will be sharing with all of you in this group.

I followed it to a T & BAM– here are my results in 3 days.
I didn’t starve myself. I ate A LOT of food– good food & I feel incredible.

So if you’re willing–
On March 13, I will be handing over my 3 day meal plan to rid of the bloat– plus, adding you to my free group on healthy eating. I have an exercise plan ready for ya, recipes for the future, and some of my best tips to feel BETTER in days.

DROP YOUR EMAIL BELOW OR APPLY HERE: https://goo.gl/forms/J6yB7royMu4cwakC3