October is going to be INSANE

OCTOBER is the month of getting BACK TO BASIC. Get it? LOL. Basic… October… PSL’s? Whatever. Anyway, this is the month where I am getting back to the things that YOU all want and that are going to help you achieve your health and fitness goals, be a part of a community, & hell- even build a business.

With that said- I am SO excited to share with you what I have in store for the month of October. You all should know by now that I am NOT like other health and fitness coaches. I do NOT like to do things the way everyone else is doing them. I am unique to myself, my brand, and those of you who can relate to anything I say. It’s my DUTY to provide you FUN SHIT that you care about 😉 So when I sat down to start planning out October- I got unbelievably excited with some of the thoughts popping into my head LOL.

In this blog post, I will break down all of the FUN stuff happening in October. If you want to be a part of it- you just need to click on the link attached to it & I will be in touch ASAP.

Here is your calendar & overview!

OCTOBER 2: I am hosting a NEW coach webinar for all of the new coaches who have joined Team Simply BeYOUtiful. My husband and I will be helping these women get their businesses started FAST & RIGHT. We will go over mindset, tools, what’s to come, and much more.

OCTOBER 3: The new coach training kicks off! This is NEW and UPDATED & just BONKERS exciting. New coaches will be launching their businesses by going on a scavenger hunt and in turn, helping SO many freaking people start THEIR journey too. APPLY HERE TO BE ON OUR TEAM!

OCTOBER 9-13: Brews & ‘Boo’ze Free Group Kicks off! This free group includes Halloween recipes made healthy, crockpot recipes, fall inspired cocktails, the best pumpkin beers, and much more! (NON-COACHES ONLY PLEASE!) APPLY HERE & I’LL SEND YOU THE LINK TO THE GROUP! 

FREE GROUP (15).png

OCTOBER 16-22: Clean Week Group kicks off. Our brand new program Clean Week is designed to give YOU a sneak peek into what this whole journey is about before you commit. You will get access to 7 days of Shakeology, a straight forward clean eating meal plan, 4 BRAND NEW 30 minute workouts, me as your coach, & our group– for $30 GIRL. WHHHAT?!


Simply (10).png

ALSO: PREP WEEK FOR…….. FRIENDS KICKS OFF!!! Prep week consists of recipes, tips on how to meal plan & prep, grocery shopping tips, and how to get the most out of the upcoming challenge.

OCTOBER 19: We are officially launching in the United Kingdom! I have been talking to SO many incredible women overseas that are ready to take on this incredible opportunity. I can’t WAIT to see them blow up their businesses and change the lives of THOUSANDS of people in the UK. Team SB is going GLOBAL baby! If you are someone that is interested in learning more about building a business from home, join this group and we will chat: TEAM SB UK FIT FAM

OCTOBER 23: FRIENDS GROUP IS BACK YA’LL! But this one is themed from a pretty hilarious episode… how fitting huh? The ONE with the Halloween Party. 

MONDAY: Monica’s Motivation Monday.
TUESDAY: Chandlers Treat Yo’Self Tuesday.
WEDNESDAY: Women Crush Wednesday. We will focus on SELF LOVE on Wednesday’s. Positive Affirmations, complementing each other, focusing on the weekly wins.
THURSDAY: Rachel’s Thankful Thursday
FRIDAY: Phoebe’s Fun Friday! There will be a weekly challenge posted on Friday mornings and you and your fellow teammates will compete against each other for prizes. (Planks, Shakeology Selfies, etc!)
SATURDAY: Spudnik’s Saturday SHAKEdown.
SUNDAY: Joey’s Sunday Showdown.


Challengers will be split up into teams where you’ll be competing for prizes. AND ITS FUN. Weekly challenges, logging your workouts, SHOWING UP, and having fun. I am only accepting 30 NEW challengers that commit to a fitness program and Shakeology into this group so I can work closely with ya. Apply here to be considered: FRIENDS HALLOWEEN GROUP

COMMITTING TO THE FRIENDS CHALLENGE gives you first access into EVERYTHING leading up to it also 😉 EEK!



To chat in more detail about any of these groups, fill out the contact form below!


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