10 Tips to be an AMAZING Game Day Host

download.jpegHosting for a game day party this weekend? Here are some tips for ya to keep in mind as you prepare!

  1. The average football game lasts about three hours — don’t make your guests sit on plastic folding chairs. And while it may seem like you’re being a good host, no one wants to sit in your formal, straight backed dining chair while you stretch out on the love seat. Give your guests their choice of seating with a few different options. One large sofa, a love seat, and a few club chairs are ideal for accommodating several game-watching friends comfortably.
  2. Have PLENTY of food! Getting together for the game and hosting a dinner party are two VERY different things. Don’t make your guests search for the snacks — they should be at arms length and plentiful. Here are a few ideas for entertaining your guests while cheering on your favorite team.
  3. PLAN AHEAD! Don’t wait until the beginning of the game to get things ready. If it’s a big game that the whole town is watching and you’re planning on ordering pizza, be prepared to wait. When it’s 15 minutes until kickoff, the last thing you’re going to want to do is run out for chips and salsa. Plan your menu well in advance and do your shopping on Thursday or Friday so you’ll be all stocked up for the college and pro games over the weekend.
  4. Pick the RIGHT foods! You don’t want to have to worry about things on the stove all day. Healthy dips and finger foods are your best options!
  5. Make sure you’re stoked up on beers. It’s gameday… duh! Refer to my healthier drink options for some suggestions! Also remember- N=not everyone is a drinker, and not all drinkers like beer. However, you can still use this game staple and mix up a unique libation, such as this raspberry beer. The ladies will love its sweetness, and the guys will be pleased that they’re still drinking beer. And if you want to whip up a fun cocktail for non-alcoholic imbibers, try a refreshing melon agua fresca, using watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew.
  6. Might sound weird– but TV placement is KEY. Obviously you don’t want your television set placed too high or too low, but also take care that it’s in the right spot even when at eye-level. If most of your seating is off to the side, angle the TV accordingly. Check to make sure there is no glare from windows and that the game can be seen easily from all seats. Remember, even if you have a 70-incher, no one will care if they can’t see the running back’s end zone dance.
  7. Make sure your house is CLEAN before people get there. You’ll have some cleaning up to do after the game is over, but a little sprucing up before kickoff can give you more time to enjoy the victory celebration. Plus people don’t think you’re a slob 😉
  8. Be aware of your animals! If your dog constantly barks, is afraid of humans, or eats off the table, keep him outside or in a crate. However, if your furry friend is social, then by all means, get him into the game! It’s fairly easy to find canine-sized athletic jerseys from your favorite team or simply tie on a bandana in your team colors.
  9. Be aware of allergies! Ask around before people get there to make sure you don’t need anything specific.
  10. DON’T be afraid to ask for help! You’re allowed to request people BYOB & snacks to contribute! You want to enjoy the day too!

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