Memorial Day Weekend Survival Tips

download.jpegIT’S MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND– and I am writing this to you as I sit on a plane drinking coffee on my way to San Diego.

If you are anything like me, you’re probably thinking: “BRING ON THE BURGERS!” But if you’re also like me, you’re probably like– “CRAP! BURGERS! BUNS! CAKE! TEMPTATIONS!”

The biggest misconception about a health and fitness journey is that you have to be perfect. The reality of it? Perfect is boring as fuh—-ge.  You made this incredible commitment to yourself and to your journey. That was step one. Now we take it up a notch and learn how to live the healthy lifestyle without beating ourselves up if shit hits the fan and maybe we have two burgers instead of one. Or for heavens sake, there are NO WHOLE WHEAT BUNS. Guys, this lifestyle isn’t meant to be like that. If you view it that way, you’ll resent it and quit.

So here are some tips to keep you on track this weekend so you don’t blow your diet– but you have a BLAST.

1. DONT YOU DARE 😉 skip that workout. You may be traveling, you may have a million things to do– whatever. You have Beachbody on Demand. You can take it anywhere. Our workouts are 30 minutes long. You HAVE the time and guys, if you want to eat the cals– BURN EM FIRST. IF ANYTHING, don’t miss the workout!

2. Shakeology! Here is a red, white, and blue Shakeology recipe you can try this weekend. Have fun with it– and if you’re going to be eating some “not so good” foods, you will at least know you had the healthiest meal of the day.


3. Offer to bring something! You can prepare healthy menu options like chicken breasts and veggies (corn on the cob, squash, zucchini, and peppers). If you like hotdogs like me– I recommend you go chicken sausages or turkey dogs! If you want to bring a snack, I highly recommend these Shakeology Cookie Dough balls!

This American Flag Fruit & Cheese Tray is BADASS! 

4. Limit Alcohol ya’ll. Not because I don’t want you to drink– but because I don’t want you to make an ass out of yourself LOL. Don’t drink the entire weekend. Select one day to enjoy an adult beverage. Your body will thank you for it.

5. Drink Water! This weekend will be hot. Remember to drink plenty water to stay hydrated.

6. HAVE FUN. Remember, this isn’t about being perfect. It’s about doing your best.

Have a great weekend everyone! ❤

XOXO- Kelsey


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