YA’LL. shaun-t.png

The announcement has been made. If you’re a Shaun T fan, if ya like intensity, if  ya LOVE results- then you are probably SO ready for this. Because our man is BACK & is coming in strong with 7 new workouts.

This morning on his Facebook page, he revealed “Shaun Week”. 7 New workouts that will be released EXCLUSIVELY to Beachbody on Demand members beginning on June 12. Yes! There will be a modifier! 

Check this out…

  • Insane Basics
  • Pure Cardio Part 2
  • Insane Weights
  • 25 Abs
  • Ripped Sanity
  • Speed 4.0
  • Dig Deep

The way it was explained was that from June 12-18, one of the workouts listed above will be unlocked every single day. PERKS of being a Beachbody on Demand All Access Member, huh?

Well I decided to have some fun with this. Instead of just diving right into Shaun Week, we have the opportunity to get prepared NOW. Because it WILL NOT be easy. So, I have created a 3 week calendar for those wanting to jump in so that they can get ready to roll on June 12.

NEXT WEEK, I will be hosting a FREE INFO group, giving new customers information on this new week of workouts, sharing about his other incredible programs, giving you the low down on Shakeology, meal planning, etc.

If you enjoy the information & you commit to a year– you’ll get invited to our “Countdown to Shaun Week Transformational Group” right here on Facebook.

THIS CALENDAR, will be unlocked and you’ll be going ALL IN.

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 2.05.56 PM

We call it a TRANSFORMATIONAL GROUP because we know if you go ALL IN– you’ll get a full blown life transformation in 30 days. Mentally and physically.

So if you’re ready to dive in with us, join this event to learn more.

ENROLL any time for our All Access Challenge Pack here.  You get an ENTIRE year of more than 800+ workouts, all of the new programs being released this year, your first month of Shakeology at an insanely low price, and more.  (This comes out to like $2 a day). I’m willing to bet your gym charges you more than that for the same boring crap every day. LOL.

JOIN US. Lets do this thing!


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