FREE: Bye Bye Bloat Group



How many of us have come back from vacation or just were off on our eating over the weekend and LITERALLY were 5 pounds heavier? We beat ourselves up, cry about it, attempt to throw the scale through the window, and then proceed to walk to the freezer to eat ice-cream– because why the hell not, ya know?

The most common question I get from a lot of my customers is: “Is there some sort of detox I can try to get back on track?” And here is my honest answer. Yep. There are tons. Liquid diets, calorie depleting diets, blah- blah. But that shit ain’t good for you.

You can get rid of the dreaded bloat as fast as you got it– JUST by (wait for it)– eating healthy and working out.

So after coming back from Los Angeles 4 pounds over my normal weight- I didn’t panic. Instead, I decided to create THIS. This exact meal plan & workout routine that I will be sharing with all of you in this group.

I followed it to a T & BAM– here are my results in 3 days.
I didn’t starve myself. I ate A LOT of food– good food & I feel incredible.

So if you’re willing–
On March 13, I will be handing over my 3 day meal plan to rid of the bloat– plus, adding you to my free group on healthy eating. I have an exercise plan ready for ya, recipes for the future, and some of my best tips to feel BETTER in days.



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