Embracing Imperfections; Launching 1/23

Embracing Imperfections.jpg

In a world that pressures us to be perfect, I am asking you to focus on the opposite. The thing that makes you unique, that makes you– YOU.

Throughout my past three years of coaching, I have helped HUNDREDS of women get started on a health and fitness journey. HUNDREDS. And every story has been so different. Every reason is so different. Maybe they want to lose a couple pounds to keep up with their kids, they want to feel beautiful in their wedding dress, they want a healthy pregnancy, they are always tired– there are so many reasons why people start.

But there is only ONE reason why they quit.

They try to be perfect. 

How can I speak on this? Because I was that person. I was a compulsive quitter. Every time something would get too hard, I would back off. I would run the opposite direction. That seems to be the case for a lot of people.

And here is the reality.

Health and fitness isn’t EASY. If it was, everyone would dive in 150%. It’s hard. Making changes are hard. Subbing out the pizza for a salad is hard. Adding a 30 minute cardio routine a day when you’re not used to it is hard. Making the decision to spend the money is hard. Upping your weights is hard. Working out when you’re sore as hell is hard.

So instead of trying to be perfect- why don’t we focus on the small victories along the way?

So I have decided to put together a SMALL exclusive group (10 people MAX) where we take on this incredible journey together. We aren’t focusing on being PERFECT– but taking the small steps to INCREDIBLE change.

We will find a program that is going to work for you, we pair it with Shakeology, we will read a book that will help us EMBRACE our imperfections and love ourselves, we will work on confidence, I’ll provide you with an unreal amount of resources & one on one coaching, and much more.

If this is something you would be interested in, APPLY HERE.



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