Beachbody on Demand: ALL ACCESS now available!


We live in a world where we want immediate access to EVERYTHING, right? Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify. We want it fast– and we want it digital. So here is the deal. Beachbody is keeping up.

I prayed EVERY DAY for a way to touch more lives in 2017. And today’s corporate announcement was the answer to my prayers. Let me tell you something. Every time someone signs up, they ask me the same question. WHAT HAPPENS after my 21 days? or my 30 days?

My answer: Well, we can repeat and go another round OR get you started on a new program.

But here is the thing. The 21 Days comes to a close. People have lost the weight they feel good and instead of continuing what makes them feel GOOD– THEY FREAKING QUIT. Shakeology is cancelled, they put their DVD’s back on the shelf and go about their life. Then all of the sudden– the weight is back and the program was a temporary change and they are GONE.

I freaking HATE that.
I wanted to find a way to get customers thinking LONG TERM and not quick fix. And today, the answer came.

So get this.
What if I told you I could offer you LONG TERM fitness. A gym in your living room. Access to EVERY SINGLE program Beachbody has ever created– and even BETTER, you’ll get FIRST access to every single program that will be released in 2017– and not have to pay any extra? Would you be interested in that?

Because its a thing beginning TODAY– and it isn’t lasting long. Beachbody UNLIMITED, yo. You’ll get a YEAR of Beachbody on Demand (EVERY FRIGGIN PROGRAM), every new program, Shakeology, and the portion fix containers for a friggin steal.

OH- and if you’re one of my current customers that enrolled in DECEMBER, you can upgrade to this too.

ANDDDDD because I think YOU taking this on LONG TERM is badass– I am doing a drawing for the next FIVE people who commit to this. You’ll also get to be in the Health Bet & earn some of your money back too- so that’s cool.

ANYWHO- next FIVE new customers who commit to 2017- not just 21 days, will be entered in a contest to win a Google Chromecast so you can stream your workouts on Demand STRAIGHT to your TV.

21 Days and Done < A TRUE lifestyle change.
Your pick.

CURRENT CUSTOMERS:ย Since you have already made a purchase you have the option to upgrade!! Those that made their original purchase in DECEMBER can upgrade for approx 69 dollars for YEAR access to all programs.

Those that purchased BEFORE December can upgrade for $99 (same upgrade I am doing today!) to again, give you access for an entire year to every program ( new, old, and not yet released for 2017).

LASTLY, if you are a beachbody on demand member paying your quarterly 41 dollars and your draft has recently gone through, there is a prorate for that as well!


NEW CUSTOMERS: Please email me at so we can get to know each other and I can give you the TOTAL bundle price– which includes Shakeology!


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