Love, Life, & Marriage: Our Christmas Traditions

Christmas 2013

Christmas is BOTH of our favorite time of the year. But guess what? 5 months married, 4 total years together. And nope, we have never spent a Christmas together. Not until this one.

We did the Christmas tree, the decorations, and cards every single year. Each year the Christmas tree looks different– and gets better in my opinion LOL.

Christmas 2014

It’s not like we were okay with it either. Face Time isn’t the same, phone calls, etc. When you love someone, the last thing you want to do is be apart on the holidays. So while we went our separate ways over the past couple of years come Christmas- we made a promise to each other that once we were married, we wouldn’t do it anymore.

So hence. In just a couple of days, we will begin a crazy couple days of travel. We will be driving up to Pittsburgh on the 21st- to get on a plane to go to Kansas on the 22nd- to come back to Pittsburgh on the 25th- to go back to Charlotte on the 27th. WOWZA. But hey, family is important. (Already dreaming of the day we pop out a kid and everyone has to come to us HAHA!)

But no, I do have to take a second and be extremely grateful for the fact that these people are willing to sacrifice times with their families to get us to where we need to be.

I was in their shoes a year ago. Sitting back and wondering if I would be able to go home and see my family- or if I would be forced to work. And so many of these people are in that same position. Already dreading Sunday because they don’t get to be with their families. Remember to give them a little extra love that day if you’re traveling like we are.

Regardless of our crazy travels, we have made the mutual decision to do OUR Christmas as we usually do. On the 27th. It’s a personal thing and we like it to be the two of us. Honestly, it makes the holidays last a little bit longer. Traditions are traditions! =)

I think it’s extremely important to take a second away from this message, however, and briefly touch on the entire reason Christmas is a thing. Jesus Christ our savior. The baby boy who was born on December 25 and saved our lives. Without HIM, none of these traditions, gifts, time with family– would even be a thing. It starts there for sure. And while we have never done a Christmas Eve service together, I am looking forward to it for the first time. The presence of God is incredible, but feeling it with your significant other is an entirely different feeling.

So while we have a lot of traditions we already do- we are really looking forward to starting some new ones this year. Some already on deck are:

  • Christmas Eve service
  • Waking up together on Christmas morning
  • Family gift exchange
  • A bottle of champagne to pop on Christmas Day– and our second Christmas in Charlotte. Saving the corks for every Christmas married. โค


And there are others we already have that we are looking forward to continuing.

  • Spending the day with family
  • Beingย Santa Paws for our pups.
  • Our own gift exchange two days after Christmas.
  • Playing Christmas tunes while we open gifts
  • Taking turns and really soaking in with gratitude what the other person got them.
  • Creating our yearly memory ornament. It’s a clear ornament and we write down our FAVORITE memories from the year, cut them into small strips, twirl them around our finger and place in inside the ornament. We started these in 2012. So this will be our fifth one. This was an INCREDIBLE year– not sure how we are going to beat it.

It’s so easy to get caught up in everything going on this week. But take a deep breath and remember to soak up what is really important. It may sound cliche, but honestly, the best gifts aren’t what is under the tree. It’s the time you spend with the one’s you love. The laughter around the table, the food you get to eat, the people that are forced to work in order to get you to where YOU need to be that day. Life is so short and these holidays remind us of that. Soak in every second and every moment.


Love, the Smiths.





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