NEW: 17 by 17


My first success story, was mine.

And it took 29 months into this business to figure that out. I wasn’t attracted to Beachbody because I wanted to leave my full time job, because I wanted to pay off my car, or because I wanted to go on vacations. I came to Beachbody because I was at the lowest point in my life. I was tired of doing things that didn’t work.

I was 10 pounds heavier due to living a life of stress, eating like crap, and drinking myself to sleep. I didn’t want a quick fix– I needed a lifestyle change and I wanted it quick. So a 21 Day program was what I needed to start with– and I did.

The transformation I made not only physically- but mentally in three weeks was incredible. Down 8 pounds, 5 inches. I BELIEVED in something for the first time in a long time, this WORKED– and I needed to share it. So that’s exactly what I did.

Somehow in the past two years, there were times where I would lose sight of that. Flashy titles, recognition, and comparison clouded my vision and I forgot the mission of this company. LIVE and help OTHERS LIVE a healthy & fulfilling life. When I was off- so was my business. When I wasn’t seeing my customers get transformations- I was heartbroken.

This was about a LIFESTYLE change– not a temporary fix. My customers needed me. And when I would give them EVERYTHING I could, they did the same. Those people have lost anywhere from 5-74 pounds and continue on their journey today– a lot of them paying it forward to others too.

I take responsibility for those I let fall through the cracks. I promised I would be there & I didn’t do everything I could. That is changing. Today.

I don’t want to wait until January 1 to help people get those transformations they need. What about a YEAR END resolution? That’s where the idea of 17 by 17 came from.

I want to personally help SEVENTEEN people receive their FIRST transformation before 2017 begins. You and I will work closely to achieve YOUR goals. Calls, help with meal planning, an accountability group with one on one support, recipes, access to me via text message. Let me walk with you through your journey.

I will help you get to your first finish line. So you never have to try anything else ever again.

(NOTE**– this is for someone who is ready to work closely with me to get the results that can change their lives. I want to work with ONLY 17 between now and December 31. 8 or 9 a month so that I can give you my full attention**)



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