Success Stories: Jackie Berenguer


Jackie,ย you inspire the hell out of me & that’s exactly why I felt compelled to share your story on this Transformation Tuesday.

Jackie and I began talking after she expressed interest in my bridal group a couple of months ago. It was just a few months after having her beautiful baby girl Shay. Life was anything but easy for her at that time. I mean being a new mom is one thing, recovering from labor is another, and then getting back on track with your health and fitness journey? That’s a WHOLLLLEEE OTHER THING.

She and I connected the first time we talked. She had GOALS. She admitted to me where she felt she was going wrong and asked for my help. I remember her telling me she was a stress eater, she couldn’t get back into working out, she needed something to keep her motivated. So- after getting to know her and her goals, I introduced the 21DF and Shakeology. She didn’t really even know me yet, but it took all but a couple of hours of us talking for her to jump in head first and trust me to help her reach her goals.

She is officially three rounds in– and I think its pretty safe to say she is looking INCREDIBLE. She drinks her shake daily, she logs her workouts (even some with a baby crawling on her head). She is consistent, she is motivated, and she refuses to give up. For that, she is down more than 20 inches and 10 pounds since joining me 4 months ago.

I mean– LOOK AT HER. Can we give her a hell yeah?! Jackie, its been an honor to be a part of your health & fitness journey over the past couple of months! You inspire the hell out of me & I know your story will inspire TONS of others who are ready to take the same chance you did!

Cheers to continuing this amazing journey together!


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