Success Stories: Alicia Snyder

alicia 2

I get SUPER excited when talking about Alicia’s story because she is one of the VERY few people I know that began her journey on a MISSION.

She joined our Bridal Bootcamp on September 28, 2015 after purchasing the 21 Day Fix and Shakeology. Oh, I should also mention she was EXTREMELY skeptical right off the bat, too 😉  She knew what she wanted, she had set high goals for herself, and she went for them. Us brides aren’t going to let anything stand in the way of feeling BEAUTIFUL on our big day. I can promise you, Alicia is no different.

“In the past I’ve let my excuses run my life. By having a group to help keep me accountable it has also helped kick my excuses and just keep pushing when I just want to give up,” she said.

image1.pngShe did several rounds of the 21 Day Fix, and at the end– EVERY TIME– would message me with great news. More weight was gone, inches were disappearing, and she was making changes in her life that were impacting her life in more ways then she could explain.

“I have gained so much more energy and most of all confidence. It’s taught me portion control and has helped me cut back on carbs,” she said. “I work in health care so usually during the Fall/Winter seasons I get a cold or flu and this year I haven’t! My immune system is soo much stronger! Also, shakeology helps with my cravings BIG TIME!”

To date, Alicia is down 35 pounds and 18 inches. Oh, and did I mention she started at the end of SEPTEMBER?! She has made HUGE strides in just 5 months and her journey is nowhere even close to over. alicia

“I would recommend this because IT WORKS. I would hate to say “it’s been easy” but really it’s been easy! I’ve changed my lifestyle and most of all it doesn’t make me feel miserable like my life now revolves around my “diet”. There are so many great recipes that fit anyone’s life,” she said.


Alicia has joined the Team Beachbody Coaching community and has already changed countless lives of her own. She is a friend & and inspiration to anyone that knows her and I am SO blessed she trusted me enough to help her reach her goals.

Congratulations on all of your success so far! ❤


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