Holiday Survival Group- November 30

holidayWow. I can’t believe Thanksgiving is a couple days away. 2015 has been ONE HECK of a ride and now is when things are going to get extra crazy.

I get it- YOU are the last person you’re thinking about right now. That’s to be expected!

You’ll be traveling, working longer hours, shopping with the time you do have, being tempted by EVERYTHING out there. You’ll eat more on-the-go meals & you COULD be faced with that holiday weight gain. But guess what? It doesn’t have to be that way.

On Monday, November 30- I am kicking off a group that aims to help you beat the holiday odds and become your own success story.

We are taking the next week to chat, plan, & PREPARE!! We will be posting tips for meal planning & setting ourselves up for success come Monday November 30th! Our group is 21 days, which will finish up RIGHT BEFORE Christmas!!

Will you be perfect?! Who knows, and WHO CARES! What matters is that you are making the effort to keep YOU a priority as best as you can so that you can feel GOOD, look GOOD, and ENJOY this time with your loved ones!

So I got your attention… how does it work?!


You’re investing in YOU. It’s a three week program that can be done over and over again. The one I started on in my health & fitness journey. What you’ll be doing is a daily 30 minute workout, eating 5-6 meals a day which are focused on portion control. One of those meals is your Shakeology. No pills or anything like that. Real food that you will enjoy.

I help you meal plan. I provide you with my pinterest board, recipes, etc. You get access to our online accountability group (Holiday Survival Group, which includes that amazing social aspect!) and we accomplish your goals together with support. You’re never left in the dark– I am 100% there to help you through it. Most people lose between 5-15 pounds in one round. The biggest difference is in the inches.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please send me an email at or apply below:


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