BRIDAL BOOTCAMP: Kicks off August 17


–> Give me that excited face girls!

Not only are we trying to LOOK our best on our big day– we are trying to FEEL our best [[all while dealing with thousands of opinions, making dozens of choices, and preparing for the most amazing day of our lives]].

During this process, I am realizing that its BEYOND important to take time away from the planning and to ENJOY it– all while taking care of myself.

On August 17, we will be kicking off the INAUGURAL Bridal Bootcamp.
–> PS- You’re invited.

This ongoing group is a way to swap ideas, talk about money saving tips, get support and accountability, learn how to plan, and to get in the best shape of our lives by working out 30 minutes a day & drinking our Superfoods shake.

If you are willing to invest in YOU & create new friends– I want to chat!

—-> Fill out the form belowย or email:<3


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