Dreaming big: Why its actually all its cracked up to be

“Our fantasies are the most revealing peepholes into who we are and what we think is awesome. No matter how out-there and ridiculous they may seem, they mean something to us, and usually represent our biggest and best versions of ourselves.” -Jen Sincero


This morning I woke up and my wheels were spinning. I was laying in bed (my body completely numb from doing P90X3 MMX yesterday) and all I could think about was how when I wake up on Saturday and Sunday mornings– I am completely at ease. There is no stress, no rushing to get ready and get out the door for work, there is no plans, no anxiety, no hidden agenda. All I have to do is wake up, and just “be”.

Today I realized, that is how I want my every day life to be. I want to be able to wake up every single day and feel at ease. I don’t want to feel stress, I don’t want to be around negativity or get worked up so that I take it out on other people. Because that’s not who I am. So how do I make that happen? That’s what we are talking about today.

Throughout the past couple of months, I have decided to create a dream board and even letters to myself to open several years from now. I am setting goals, making plans, and writing out how I want my life to be.

In fact, a couple of weeks ago, I was sitting at Starbucks and wrote myself a letter.


Inside of it, I told myself about my life now and then listed my hopes and dreams for the future. I wrote down every tiny little thing I envisioned. From my career, to my family, Zach and I’s life, a future family, my dreams, my ambitions, financial & personal things.

Before I knew it, my letter was 4 pages long and I was sealing it shut. Not to be opened until October 2019.ย I have 4 pages of things to accomplish. I have 5 years to transform my already great life into something even better.ย 

How many of you actually believe that the cards of life you are dealt is what you have to deal with and that’s all there is?

As I am sure you are starting to get, I don’t believe that at all.

I believe in constant reshuffling. If I want my deck reshuffled, I make the changes myself and God rewrites that page in the book of my life. There IS NO rule saying that you have to live a certain type of life. There is NOTHING that says that. If you can find it, let me know.

Instead, you live in AMERICA. You live in a country where you can adjust the path of your life whenever you want. You won’t be shunned, you won’t be banned, you may be judged– but who cares?!

So on to the next question: What is your purpose? How do you make this list of all your dreams and ambitions come true?


“Getting clear about what your unique purpose is can be the difference between living a happy, fulfilled life of abundance, choice, and expansiveness or living in the restriction veal pen of your own indecision and tired old excuses.” -Jen Sincero

I’ll tell you one thing. It’s where I began. I asked myself this question: “AM I HAPPY WITH MY LIFE NOW…AND COULD I GO MY ENTIRE LIFE DOING EXACTLY WHAT I AM DOING RIGHT NOW?”

When I answered no, I knew I needed to make a change. And I am a realist- it doesn’t happen over night. It’s the COMPOUND EFFECT: Reaping huge rewards from a series of small, smart choices.ย 

There is this HUGE misconception that we are supposed to have one true calling. There are people out there who knew EXACTLY what they wanted to do for a living–just to start doing it and realize thats not what they want. I’ll admit- I am one of those people.

That should be terrifying, right? At first it was. Until I actually sat down and wrote out everything I wanted to accomplish. I closed my eyes and thought about that life and I smiled. I loved the thought of feeling comfortable. Feeling stress free, making time for God, my family, my future children. Money wouldn’t be a problem for me. I would no longer be in debt. I would owe no one anything. All of the positives outweighed that 5 seconds of fear…and that’s when I realized it was time to move forward and make it all happen.

“But what if you had the audacity to leave your excuses and your shame about wanting to be huge and fabulous behind and really went for it full-on anyway? What if you decided to do the most outrageous, most exciting thing you ever dared fantasize about, regardless of what anyone, including your terrified self, thought? That would be living.” -Jen Sincero

My dream board on August 7

On August 7, I made this dream board. These are the things that were onย the top of my list. Now I have added more. Some that are now my priorities. ย For example, I have a team to lead. I want to give my team 100 percent and watch them succeed. I want them to be in the same place I am, if not EVEN FARTHER. I want them to be able to lead teams of their own. I want to see them recognized at Summit 2015. I want to eventually write a book and inspire others the way authors have inspired me.

When you put your dreams and goals on paper, they become more of a reality. Set dates. Tell yourself its possible, because it is!

Your dreams & goals will come true– as long as you believe it yourself. How many could you actually say you’re happy with your life right now and doing exactly what you LOVE to do? I can honestly tell you I am working my way toward that life.

What are you going to do? What steps will you take?…to make it happen for YOU!?

It’s possible, anything is.



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